Monday, June 30, 2014

Adopting Our Feline Friends

Before adopting Belle (top) and Beast (bottom), we had been talking about adopting two kittens. Tim had his heart set on finding sibling kitties so they could grow up together in our family. Our friends Brianna and Steven approached me probably two weeks after we had really started to pursue rescuing. It's kind of funny because they had actually taken in Belle from a couple of our friends and Beast from another. Our hearts just went out to them, we wanted to give them the forever home they deserved. 

I was pretty well acquainted with Belle before adopting, but had only met Beast a couple of times. From what we knew they had a pretty rough start in the transition of sharing a home together. But we felt confident that taking them into our family would be a success, even with our pit-bull mix, Penny.


Beast is a little pistol; scaling the doorways, hiding under rugs, and instigating Belle to wrestle all the time. He is also a big time mama's boy, always in my lap or following me from room to room, I call him my shadow. Belle, on the other hand, is quiet, shy and sweet. She spends her days snoozing, investigating, or sunbathing in a window sill. She has such a bond with Tim, when he isn't here she curls up and sleeps on his side of the bed, and when he is, she's doing little rolls in front of him to get his affection.

It's been two months since we added these precious babes to our little fam. Although we are still working on the relationship between the cats and Penny, I can tell there has been such great progress already. Just the other day Penny and Beast were both on the bed at the same time and nobody growled! It's definitely lesson of patience and I have to take it day by day with this frisky bunch. 

Today, these two have such a bond to one another. They cuddle, give each other baths and little nose kisses. I feel like moving to a new place with a new family really helped grow their relationship and it is so sweet to watch. We definitely have two very loving and smart cats and I wouldn't change the decision for anything!

Do you have any pets? What kind of connection do you have with them? I'd love to hear from you!


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