Thursday, September 10, 2015

M.I.A. // One Year Anniversary

Hello blog, I know it's been almost a year since my last post, which is far too long to go without posting, but I've been without a computer and became busy with other hobbies and responsibilities... Things are finally smoothing out and I'm falling into a better routine now. This season in life I'm stepping into is so exciting, Inspiring even, so with all of that being said I am deciding to make a conscious effort to keep up with this space that I have missed so dearly.

It's my first post back and I thought I'd share some photos and memories of our one year anniversary trip to Flagstaff. We took two days off work, packed an overnight bag and set out for a mini getaway to a few of our favorite places.

We took the longer route because we had to stop in Jerome for hamburgers at one of our favorite spots. Tim and I actually had one of our very first dates there, so it was nice to return on such a special day. 

We got a room at the Hotel Monte Vista. Supposedly the place is haunted (I don't think it really is) but our room was beautiful, with a view of downtown. They have this great little bar on the corner of the hotel lobby called Rendezvous and it just so happened to be Mojito Monday, so after a quick drink we walked a couple blocks and had dinner at a sushi bar. It was such a beautiful night, just the right amount of chill in the air.

The next morning we woke up early to explore and have breakfast at Macy's European Cafe. I can't come to Flag without stopping in for a latte and food. If you find yourself in the area, Macy's is definitely a must! On our way back through the canyon to Sedona I asked Tim to pull over so we could hike down the side of a mountain. It was just before the monsoon storm, a few sprinkles and thunder in the distance, we found a creek and hundreds of furry caterpillars hanging on leaves. 

I can't believe how quickly this first year of marriage has flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday I was sharing my vows in a tearful whisper to the love of my life. Before I know it we will be celebrating a lifetime spent together, I look forward to that day, when I can think back to this first anniversary, how simple but so beautiful it was.