Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taking Stock

Today I am feeling under the weather, so I decided to do a "Taking Stock" post. I have seen them around quite a bit lately and thought it would be fun. 

Making : Lately I have been working on all of the decorations for my wedding. This is by far the most fun I've had in the planning process!

Cooking : On the menu for tonight is pad Thai, I just recently made it for Tim and I and it instantly became a favorite of his.

Drinking : Genmaicha tea—to sooth my throat and hopefully bring a quick recovery for this ailment.

Reading: I'm currently not reading anything, but I am open to suggestions. Throw some at me!

Wanting: To travel. So badly.

Playing: This silly little app game, Dumb Ways to Die. (Lol)

Sewing: I currently can't sew with a machine, but I am sewing more patches onto my vest.

Wishing: I could snap my fingers and magically be organized. This is definitely a weakness I need to work on.

Enjoying: Life. Although there are parts that are messy right now and finances aren't at their best, I'm happy. This journey into the start of a little family is wonderful.

Liking: My recent dedication to this blog, using my camera more, and spending time with the people and animals I love.

Wondering: How I can go about making my dream of owning my own business come true.

Loving: Walks, tea, baking, preparing my own meals, and snuggling while watching Netflix at night.

Hoping: To feel better very quick!

Needing: To deep clean and begin packing to move later this upcoming month.

Watching:  Well, I finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black (SO GOOD!), but lately I have been watching a lot of Parks and Recreation, Grey's Anatomy, and Bob's Burgers!

Smelling: The tea I'm sipping on.

Wearing: My jammies! It's been a bummy day.

Noticing: It's time to clean out my wardrobe.

Thinking: How lucky I am. I have such a caring and supportive bunch in my life.

Feeling: Physically, I am tired and uncomfortable.

Bookmarking: Great summer recipes and decorating ideas.

I got the idea for this post here! I'd love to read more of these posts, so please link me to yours should you decide to play along!


  1. So excited to see photos from your wedding! I'm sure it will be beeeautiful!

    1. Aww, thanks! Madeleine Schaffner is doing them :)
      We were so happy with our engagement shoot, we had to have her for the big day!


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