Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Faves! v.1

Happy Friday friends! I kicked off the weekend with an unexpected day off, so I am definitely in a great mood and ready for an awesome weekend! Tonight, Tim and I have a movie date planned with The Grand Budapest Hotel (I can't believe I'm just getting to see it!), I'm baking pineapple upside-down cake to share at a lovely girls' night tomorrow night and Sunday we're finally completing our wedding invitations! Busy few days ahead, but going to be filled with so much fun.

Hope you enjoy the weekend as much as I will, here's some links I really enjoyed this week!

My best friend posted a very honest piece this week that I really admired.

Take a peek at the new Harry Potter theme park, Diagon Alley, opening at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. 

Hello Flo released a new add campaign that is sure to make you laugh out loud, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I really love what this organization does too.

A list of 23 vegan summer barbecue recipes and reasons why vegan eating is so awesome. 

I can't even walk a day in heels without a little trip and these guys dancing something fierce in this video choreographed by Yanis Marshall

I am pineapple obsessed this season and this suncatcher is just darling!

I recently got a few succulents for the house and as I browsed for some pots I came across this T-Rex planter. He comes with a succulent already potted in his back. Tim is a major dino lover, so I just might have to order one for our home just for giggles!

This darling kitty purse isn't quite up for grabs at modcloth yet, but I am definitely keeping an eye on it. (Too cute!)

Last, but certainly not least, I've been on the hunt for a fun watch and I really adore this one from ASOS, the fruity design is perfect for summer.

I'll be back later with a recipe for my pineapple upside-down cake and some photos from tomorrow's girls' night!


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