Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hair-do Appreciation: Pigtail Buns

Let's be real for a minute, if you've ever experienced a desert summer you know heat! When the temperature starts rising all I want is an Otter Pop and a pool to jump in. It isn't even July yet and the temperature is just a few degrees away from the triple digits, and that's just speaking for Northern Arizona (Ay Chiwawa!) 

These pigtail buns are my go-to hairstyle this Summer! I can't stand having a clammy forehead and neck. I had a cooking shift today at work and I would say that the phrase 'If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.' would apply at our little shop. I kept telling everyone they are my Baby Spice buns, which led on to a whole conversation about how amazing the Spice Girls are. Hahaha.

Not only do the buns keep the hair off my neck, but are also a super easy, super cute look! So, shout out to this 'girl power' hair-do for making an easy morning of getting ready and looking good!

I'm always dying for more fun do's to play with, so if you have a favorite, please share :)



  1. Cute! You should do one about what to do with long bangs.

    1. Great idea! We should collaborate on it since your bangs are the perfect length for modeling :)


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