Monday, September 29, 2014

Songs For Sweater Weather

It's Monday, my least favorite day of the week... But, feeling oh-so inspired by Heather over at Rags And Roses, I made a playlist appropriate for the season! These are my must-play tracks for this time of year, sure makes me feel some kind of way. Though, I will admit, I'm a little self-conscious about sharing my musical taste due to the fact that every time I talk about bands I like with co-workers or local friends, I rarely find anyone that knows who I'm talking about... I hope you can enjoy this mix, and maybe we can bond over similar taste!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Sightings On An Afternoon Walk

Today, my hubby and I decided a walk near the lake would be nice before grocery shopping and I really wanted to get out and soak up the last remnants of summer heat. I brought the camera along to capture some snapshots to share and we saw some very cool specimens, as well as some of the first glimpses of fall :)

 Isn't he cool? Luckily, Tim spotted him or I wouldn't have even noticed. He's a Whitelined Sphinx caterpillar and I just love his horn and colors. 

We stopped over at Tim's parents' house too, and there were all kinds of cicada shells and I just happened to find this little one. Tim really didn't want me to bring him home, but I just couldn't resist! I'm mesmerized by the veins in his wings.

Other than being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we had a really nice time and wrapping up the night with curry and Captain America. I hope everyone's week has been lovely!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Curly Hair Care

Happy hump day! It's been a while since a Hairdo Appreciation post and I've really been trying to love my natural hair more, so I'm sharing some tips for curly hair care and my must have products to keep my locks strong, soft, and frizz free.

Tip #1: Avoid over-washing curly hair.
To really keep my hair from frizz and brittleness, I wash it 3 times a week, at most. This may seem gross, but the natural oils from your scalp are very good for your locks and by not washing your hair daily, your scalp will produce the correct amount of oil, keeping your hair from appearing greasy.

Tip #2: Give yourself a scalp massage, daily.
This is a very good habit to form, but be sure you do not use your nails, this only causes damage to the roots. Use the pads of your fingertip and stimulate the follicles for a couple minutes a day. This promotes volume, growth and lets face it, feels amazing.

Tip #3: Ditch the hair ties with metal.
Before the introduction of the cute and stylish ribbon hair tie, I put my hair through hell. Every time I would take my hair down from a ponytail, there was a knot attached to the tie. The amount of breakage happening to my curls was horrible. I felt like I could never actually grow my hair out. Making the switch to harm-free hair ties was so beneficial, especially because of how much I love wearing buns and ponies. They may cost a little more, but your hair will be much healthier.

Tip #4: Mask your hair with coconut oil.
I do this once a month for an hour, and it makes my hair so soft and much more break resistant. I also notice less frizz, in general. Melt 2-5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Starting at the ends of your hair, work your way to the roots with a comb. Wrap with selifan once you have covered each section and let it sit for 60 minutes. Afterwards, wash with shampoo twice to be sure there isn't left over oil.

Below I've shared some of my other favorite products, as well as the ones mentioned in the tips:
Curly Hair Survival Kit

Shea Moisture is a wonderful brand that is cruelty and sulfate-free. The Curl Enhancing Smoothie is my go-to styling product. I also recommend argon oil after washes, this gives your curls a nice shine and really helps combat against frizz! Last, but not least, a wide tooth comb; this is the best brushing tool for get the tangles out but leave the curls intact.

Embracing my natural hair isn't always easy, but I'm learning to love it!

What type of hair do you have? How do you keep yours healthy? 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Greetings / Twine Pumpkin Lantern DIY

Today is the first day of my favorite season, and I am so excited about it! Fall is starting out to be just wonderful, I had an interview this morning for a dream job and I've got my fingers crossed that I'll get the position (I don't want to jinx it though, so I'm not gonna say too much).

To welcome Autumn, I decided to share my very first craft tutorial for The Desert Poppy; a whimsical, illuminated pumpkin! This was such a fun project, but it was pretty challenging to get the twine wrapped around the balloon evenly.

I hope that this craft will be a fun one for you guys, here's what you'll need

Mini twinkle lights (or a fake candle)
Pine cone, cork, or dead branch stump
Two bowls
Mod Podge
Spray paint of your choice
Sponge brush
A knife (or scissors)
(I made sure to put down a plastic cover on the table and outside while I was doing this so nothing was ruined, because we all know what a pain Mod Podge can be!)

First, you are going to blow up your balloon to the size desired, I did one larger size and one medium. Then you will take your sponge brush and paint on a decent amount of Mod Podge all over it, I found pouring the glue into a bowl much easier than trying to get the brush in the bottle.

Once it's pretty sticky, start to wrap your balloon with twine, tie the the beginning of my string to a piece that was tight enough before getting too far into the wrapping. This part was the most tedious and had me kind of frustrated because my twine just didn't seem to want to stay put, but the next few steps helped a lot with that. Be sure not to over-wrap your balloon, you want to leave parts exposed to let the twinkle lights shine through, but do leave big enough gaps on the top and the bottom so that you are able to put the lights in and fit the cork in the top just snug.
Once you have completed this, cut your string loose and tie it around a sturdy part of the wrap. Now, you will cover the twine with more Mod Podge, don't be afraid to really get all parts covered, this is what will help most in holding the round form.

Now balance the bottom of the balloon on the second bowl so that it will stay in place for drying.

When your balloon is dry, or pretty close to, take it outside and color your twine with the spray paint you chose, this step is really about your preference. Go as bold or as light as you like.
Once your twine is colored to your liking, let it dry.
After your pumpkin is done drying, pop the balloon. Don't be alarmed if you notice your form start to deflate a little, you can easily reshape it once you remove the balloon. 

Take your topper and gently wedge it into the top of your pumpkin, I recommend super gluing it so it doesn't collapse. 
I was originally going to use a cork for the top, but this being my first time doing this project, I left too big a hole in the top of my pumpkin for it to fit. I decided to go with a pine cone instead and I'm actually really glad I did!

And now, delicately put your string lights inside the pumpkin from the bottom, and plug in your fairy-tale lantern!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites! v.8

I love quiet weekends and I'm really happy its Friday, I started the day with a good cup of coffee and sending my resume to offices that need a receptionist. Fingers crossed I get an interview, because Lord knows I'm needing a job ASAP. On the agenda for the rest of the week is lots of homebody time and spending an afternoon with Tim's parents, playing board games. But first, here are some of my favorites this week!

This sticker speaks so much truth! 
I am in love with Midge Belickis' Etsy shop, definitely worth checking out.

Rebecca posted some really awesome 
photo tips on shooting indoors on her blog this week!

Craftaholics Anonymous shared 
an adorable vintage Halloween banner printable, and it's FREE!

There's a wonderful From Our Readers article on HelloGiggles
about writer's block and how to cure it!

I am in love with these new Bamboo flats at Modcloth!

In this Buzzfeed video, women are speaking out about online harassment towards women 
and sharing some of the outrageous comments they have received from men! 
(NSFW, vulgar language)

Okay, this book from Modcloth is too cute 
and such a great gift idea for a friend you really love!

Cam posted a wonderful DIY pumpkin body scrub on her blog 
and I can't wait to make some of my own!

And last, I have another cute find made by Midge, a Black Lodge Twin Peaks brooch set!
Seriously, what a talented lady and her blog is just as wonderful!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vegan Peanut Butter + Banana Smoothie

 Growing up I used to watch The Baby-Sitters Club movie all the time, and I remember Kristy eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich with her dad in one scene. So, as any 5 year old would do, I insisted my grandma make one for me so I could be just like her. I swear it was like magic, that sandwich was all I wanted to eat after trying it. So, today I am sharing a delicious smoothie recipe that tastes just like the sandwich, and is packed with protein to curb that midday snacking!

Vegan Peanut Butter + Banana Smoothie
                                                    yield: 2 servings

1 banana, chopped
2 Tbs. peanut butter (I used crunchy)
1/3 cup vanilla hemp protein
1 1/2 cup non-dairy beverage (I used almond milk)
1 Tbs. vanilla extract
2/3 cup ice

1. In blender, place ingredients. Cover; blend on high speed for about 1 minute or until smooth.
2. pour into 2 glasses and serve immediately.

(for a well-blended smoothie stop blender half way through and uncover; scrape the sides of the container down to mix the peanut butter completely.)

This smoothie is what the hubby and I had for breakfast, this morning, and the amount of protein really did help hold me over until lunch time! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did :)


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

From Where I Blog: A Work Space Tour

Hello, lovelies! As I mentioned before, we have been doing so rearranging and decorating over the past week. Little by little we are completing areas in our home and I'm so happy about it that I decided to share some snapshots of my work space with you!

There's still more work to be done with this space, but so far, I'm loving how it's coming along! Please ignore my ugly calendar.. It got horribly warped during the move (oops!), but in trying to be frugal, I am still using it. I also used some of our wedding decorations to spruce up the space because I just couldn't bare to part with them, and I think they add nice color.

As you can see, I have some books and magazines I keep here. I think its really important to stay inspired in the "office", so I have a couple of design and DIY books, a sewing help book, my journals and a thesaurus. Out of all of them, I find the thesaurus to be the most handy, especially while creating a new post. 

I also wanted to share a small space across from my desk, where I keep my record player and vinyl collection, a perfect place for it so I can listen as I work. I started collecting records about a year and a half ago, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Although, I do hope to upgrade my player someday, hehe. Also in this little corner, I'm excited to show off one of my very favorite wedding presents Tim and I received! One of my bridesmaids, Erin, had her sister draw us as Princess Leia and Han Solo, and Penny is even dressed as Chewie! I still can't believe how great a job her sister did, epic gift for sure!

This space has easily become my favorite area in the whole house, it's peaceful and fun. I can't wait to make more decorating progress to share with you!

Whats your favorite room in your home? Do you collect anything? Feel free to comment below :)


Monday, September 15, 2014

A Whole New Look!

Provided by Cam

I am so thrilled to finally be sharing this new design that Emorie created for me! I found her through a blogging friend, Cam from Desert Darling, after she had Emorie work on her blog. We spent over a month collaborating on just what I wanted my blog to look like and I couldn't be more happy with it!

Along with my main page, she also took the time to created an About page, Contact page, and Sponsor page (all linked under the header). I couldn't believe all the detailed work she put into my blog, there's even the cutest pictures of our animal friends in the About page that look just like them!

With the Sponsor page, she made brand new buttons for me to share! I would love to make more friends in the blogging community and support fellow bloggers! So, if you're interested in swapping buttons and you feel our blogs would compliment each other's well, send me an email at and we can begin supporting one another.

I also really encourage any blogger looking for a new look to contact Emorie and use her services! She is such a great girl who never leaves you hanging and really strives to give you exactly what you you have in mind.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see the new look of The Desert Poppy!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Wishlist 2014

Fall wishlist 2014
With my favorite season right around the corner, I decided to put together a little wishlist of items I would love to have this fall, or even just in general!

1. I absolutely love sweaters, and this Cutout Back Sweater from Forever 21 would be a perfect seasonal addition to my minimalist wardrobe. The black and cream colors match with just about anything and I can just think of so many outfit ideas to pair up with my clothes already.

2. I featured this Lime Crime Velvetine Lip-Stain in the last edition of Friday Faves, and I can't seem to stop thinking about it. I love matte lipsticks so much and I really support Lime Crime and their cruelty-free promise, so I definitely had to include it in my wishlist.

3. If you've never been to Lush, then you are seriously missing out. It's a little slice of beauty care heaven. My first time going I tried out this Popcorn Lip Scrub and I swear, it tastes so good and makes your lips smoother than ever! Living in Arizona dries out my lips so bad and makes it hard to wear lipstick without feeling self-conscious about the cracks, but if I were to use it before putting on my lip-wear, it would make all the difference in my makeup routine.

4, 5, 6. I love tights and getting to wear them is one of my favorite things about the cold months. I was pretty intimidated by the colors for fall/winter this year but I think trying tights in the color pallet first will help me branch out to some of the brighter designs this year. So, I hopped on over to Modcloth and found some really darling pairs that I would love to have!

7.  Lush also has some of the best hair care products and having curly and sometimes unruly hair can be so frustrating. This Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo sounds amazing and I am desperate for something to tame my frizz down. 

8. How perfect is this Photo A Day Album?! I have been so inspired and using my camera so much lately, I would love to challenge myself daily and get prints to fill this up for an entire year!

9. I have gained a recent love for hats, but they can be so expensive! I found this floppy wool hat on Nordstrom's website, it's budget friendly and comes in so many colors. I would love to have it someday!

10. Not only did I find a darling floppy hat, but I also found a reasonably priced bowler hat. This kind of hat reminds me of Charlie Chaplin, but I can't get over how cute it looks with medium length hair styles!

What are some things you have on your fall wishlist? 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lena Dunham, Self Love, & Her Upcoming Book

(photo from NY Times)

Lena Dunham is probably my biggest crush. The way she writes Girls and the amount of self confidence she possesses is such an inspiration. I have touched on it briefly, but I have body image issues. I spent years hating the way I look and comparing myself to other women, which are the farthest things from taking care of myself and loving me, wholly. If I'm being completely honest, Lena's perspective on body image has helped me work on caring for myself and begin not caring about what anyone thinks of me or how much space I take up in this world.

With all that being said, of course I pre-ordered her upcoming book of essays, Not That Kind Of Girl. After reading so many reviews, my excitement to read her work has only grown. This book is sure to be unapologetic, honest, and full of real experiences that are far from perfect, just as her writing for Girls has displayed.

I'm really curious though, do any of you have the same issue? How do you promote self care and body positivity? Lets talk about it <3


P.s. If you're as excited as I am about this book, be sure to keep an eye out on the blog because I plan on doing a review on Not That Kind OF Girl and would love to discuss what you thought of it, as well. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Faves! v.7

Good evening, friends, the past couple of day have been filled with goodness! I got to meet my best friend's new baby boy (he is freaking precious!), we have done some rearranging around the house and by tomorrow night, we will have completed watching the entire True Blood series (the biggest guilty pleasure). Did anyone else watch that show? 

Have a happy weekend, here's another Friday Faves and do I have some treats to share!

This print by I Love Doodles is so wonderful and such an important reminder!

I read the best news from Nylon, GILMORE GIRLS IS COMING TO NETFLIX! 
I actually squealed when I saw it pop up on my FB feed.

Karen O just released her new album, Crush Songs, 
and it is sure to bring you back to all those schoolgirl feelings! grab it on vinyl :)

These nail files are too cute! 

Free People Blog shared a really helpful post 
on taking better self portraits, worth reading for sure!

This extended trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show 
only makes more excited to watch!

I love me some Lime Crime, and this Velvetine Matte Lipstick 
in Wicked is a lovely shade for the coming months!

and it brought a tear to my eye, I love this fictional couple so much!

Okay, these Game Of Thrones cross stitch hoops by Fun With Needles are amazing! 
I think they belong on my birthday wishlist.. (wink wink, Tim)

And last, but certainly not least, 
sweet Alma posted great tips on her blog about how to shop wisely. 
Take notes, folks, this is a very helpful for anyone who loves shopping!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Snapshots From Our Hike

Okay, let me start out by saying, I love "weekends" with my husband. We always have so much fun together, and usually plan some sort of adventure to go on. Today we had planned on going to Flagstaff, but decided to stay closer to home and instead, went on a hike around Willow Lake. I had never done it before, but with how green this Summer's end has been, it was a definite must! While following behind Tim, I snapped a some detail shots of expedition and surroundings. Here's a few of my favorites, enjoy!