Sunday, August 31, 2014

Honeymoon In The Desert | Salvation Mountain

Good morning, all! I decided to waste no time in sharing the final bunch of photos from our trip. After seeing the Salton Sea, we drove to Salvation Mountain. What an amazing piece of art and an inspirational form of dedication. There's so much to see here, every nook and cranny is covered in detail. It's amazing that a man spent all of his time and effort in creating it.

Tim and I had such a good time exploring this magical mountain.. for the first half hour that is. We got in the car to leave, but Tim was feeling adventurous, so he decided to drive us up the backside of the mountain because it looked like a lot of others cars had done it in the past. No gravel, just dirt and sand. I got a little nervous and told him we should turn around. Welp, it was too late. Right where we turned around, there was a bunch of loose sand and next thing you know, we're stuck. No matter which way Tim turned the wheel and revved the engine, all that it did was kick up dirt and make us sink deeper. I'll admit, I was pretty embarrassed and got pretty ticked off at Tim, but looking back at it now... getting stuck on Salvation Mountain is a pretty funny thing to have happen, but the 120 degree heat and tow truck cost was no laughing matter.

We didn't get to explore Slab City because of the time it took for us to get off the mountain, but the drive back was really nice and once we got back we took a dip in the pool, had dinner at Joshua Tree Saloon with some live entertainment, and ended the night with a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.

Overall our honeymoon was a fun and memorable trip, and I'm so glad we got to go. I have a stack of instant photos from our trip that I'm going to do a project with too, I'll share about it later :)

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Honeymoon In The Desert | The Salton Sea

Yesterday I posted some photos from our trip and today I have more! These ones are from our trip to the Salton Sea, a smelly, hot, and fly invested mistake that happened so long ago. We honestly didn't stay long, the smell was overpowering, but it was really neat to see and check off the list! 

Tim and I ate at a little spot called Natural Sister's, seriously such a cute place and the food was excellent! Every table had a milk bottle filled with the biggest and most beautiful flowers, I couldn't get over the fact that they were real. 

We didn't realize how wide JT park really was until we drove all the way across for our day trip to the sea and Salvation Mountain. Visiting a beach basically made over fish bones was quite the site, Tim and I couldn't seem to escape the flies! So intrigued, we watched a little documentary featuring the Salton Sea yesterday. They even say the people that still live at Bombay Beach are convinced that nothing is wrong with the smelly body of water.  

I still have some more photos to share from the rest of this day trip to Salvation Mountain, along with a story that we'll never forget! Hope everyone's weekend has been fun :)


Friday, August 29, 2014

Honeymoon In The Desert | Joshua Tree National Park

Hey, friends! Tim and I just got back from our honeymoon last night, I'm now legally Mrs. Erickson! I can't believe how wonderfully everything went with our wedding. It was like a dream, so perfect and filled with love. I wanted to share some photos from our trip, and today's post is featuring our trip to Joshua Tree National Park! 

We started our day with breakfast at Crossroads Cafe, a spot also on our bucket list and one that was also recommended to me. The food was delicious and I was not disappointed a bit with the coffee. Once we finished we headed right on through the west entrance. After experiencing this park I have to say, if you've never been, you really should go. I feel as though a photo cannot do this place justice. The sand, light, and mixture between two desert landscapes is all so beautiful! We also got extremely lucky with weather on our trip, I want preparing myself for above 100 degree temps, but it barely reached over 90 our whole stay in JT.  

I'm so excited to share more from our honeymoon trip and get back into the swing of things here at the blog! I hope everyone is having a great Friday :)


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back To School 2014: Mod & Kitchy

Good morning, friends! I can't believe August is almost over, where did the month go?! I can't say I mind too much because it only brings us that much closer to my favorite season of all... Fall! The leaves crunching beneath my feet, enjoying a warm drink as the days get a little chillier, halloween, and pumpkin everything, Autumn is by far the time of year I always long for.

Along with all the other countless reasons why I love this time of year, I have to say I really enjoy picking out outfits and dressing up for the season. I am a vintage and kitch lover so when I noticed that the Mad Men mod look and the eccentric kitchy styles and patterns were starting to show up for Fall fashion I was thrilled! As I browsed through Modcloth last night, I spotted these adorable pieces and accessories that are too perfect to not share with you all. Call me crazy, but I cannot get enough of those gnome heels! And how back-to-school perfect are the knee-high socks and ruler bracelet?

What are some trends you're excited about this fall? Are you looking forward to summers end? I love hearing from you all, so feel free to drop me a comment below!


P.S. High five for the weekend almost being here, Sunday is going to be the biggest and best day ever, EEP! <3

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Honeymoon Bucket List

This weekend I spent some time researching things to do on our honeymoon in Joshua Tree. I started a board on Pinterest and went a little pin-crazy, but found some really exciting and eccentric things to see and do during our stay! I'd like to say a big thank you to Emily for all the restaurant recommendations, I'm so glad to know they are worth checking out :)

Feeling so inspired, I started a notebook specifically for ideas and little memories I want to jot down on the trip. So, I thought I'd share my first page, our honeymoon bucket list! 

*Aside from recommendations and Pinterest, I found Atlas Obscura to be very helpful.

Its quite the list of things to accomplish, but I'm excited to try and cross all of them off as we enjoy our first few days as a married couple! 


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Engagement Photos

Happy Sunday! With our wedding just one short week away, I thought I would share our engagement photos taken by the very talented, Madeleine Schaffner. For the first half of the session we went out into the forest outside of town, close to where our ceremony is actually taking place. Tim and I really being outside, so it was really perfect. We also wanted to include a very important member of the family in some of the photos as well, so we brought Penny along and she was such a good pup the whole time. After capturing some great moments in the woods, we all thought it would be fun to get some urban shots in the outdoor seating area of one of our favorite restaurants that had just closed. There is a very authentic and raw feeling that we really liked about this spot and the photos turned out so great! I'm so excited to see what Madeleine does for our wedding. If you live in Arizona, I highly recommend her services! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday Faves! v.5 (on a Saturday)

Hey Everyone, I'm so sorry about the delay of Friday Faves. I had so much to do yesterday and just couldn't get it all completed in time. Last night I went to a fun BBQ hosted by my best friends, the weather was beautiful and everyone brought their pups! And I know I give a wedding countdown update almost every post, but 8 days, folks (HOLY MOLY!). Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some links I'm loving this week :)

First on today's picks, this darling Rocky Horror Picture Show 
print of Brad and Janet by the very talented Rosa De Los Reyes
She creates tons of great buttons, prints and other goodies. Check her out!

These shoes! I'm swooning over how adorable they are, definitely on my wishlist!

This video clip of JGL on The Ellen Show is gold, as if we didn't already love him enough!

 Being a wine lover myself, this cute and useful list of wines and fonts that 
compliment them is just perfect! P.s. they provide the link to download all the fonts too :)

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet had a wonderful review on an 
album I have greatly anticipated! She hit the nail right on head with this one.

What would this Friday Faves be without something Robin Williams related?
Jimmy Fallon did a great tribute to him on the Tonight Show and the end had me tear up a little.

I have been listening to this soundtrack on repeat
 ever since I saw the movie! I can't wait until the vinyl version is released. 
Here's a playlist of the soundtrack that will have you dancin' around your living room.

I loved this post at Oh Dear Drea. It's so useful, 
especially since I'm trying to keep more house plants in our home.

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of favorites and you're all having a great weekend!

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taking Stock v.2

I really love this picture I snapped of Penny yesterday. She's just so precious!

Remembering: Ever since hearing the awful news of Robin Williams death, I have been thinking back to my childhood and how much watching his movies was such a big part of it. It's so heart wrenching that a man who spent most of his life bringing smiles and laughter to others suffered with depression so much that it took his life.
Trying: This week is jam packed with wedding preparations and crafting, I'm really trying to get everything taken care of so I don't have to worry about it right before the big day. (Just 11 more days!)
Cooking: I've been working on some delicious Fall dishes, I can't wait to share them all on the blog in the coming months! Fall is my favorite :)
Drinking: This week I am really trying to stick mostly to tea and water. 
Reading: I recently began reading C*nt. Its a feminist book about taking back the word and the greatness of being a woman, it's starting out to be very good. I'm also always wanting suggestions though, what are a few of your favorite reads?
Wanting: A nice cup of hot cocoa would be nice. It's monsoon weather right now and I love listening to the rain with a warm drink.
Watching: Lately, I have been catching up on Girls, I absolutely love that show. I think I relate most to Hannah. Also Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks have been in my daily watching as well. 
Deciding: I have a hair appointment today and I'm deciding to change my color a bit! (Yay!)
Wishing: My daily wish is that Tim and I will be able to travel like we hope to.
Planning: Along with the final wedding prep, I am getting a relaxed itinerary ready for our honeymoon. I'm researching great things to see, food to eat and places to go around our destination!
Enjoying: I'm really happy with where we moved. Being a short way from town is so nice and relaxing, I'm enjoying it so much.
Loving: Every day I love my little family more and more. I wouldn't trade Tim, Penny, Beast or Belle for anything.
Wearing: I feel like I keep leaving the house in the shoes pictured above wayyy too often.
Noticing: This time in my life has really shown me how great the friends and family in my life are.
Thinking: I'm so excited thinking about what the future holds for Tim and I.

Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Ways To Kick-Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Hey everyone, I hope your Monday hasn't been too rough! We've spent the day around the house, cleaning and organizing, so it's really nice to sit down and do some blogging. Some of you might have seen my post this weekend, Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge, I was motivated to begin the challenge because I'm wanting to make some positive changes in my life. I feel like moving is a good time to develop new habits, so I'm here today to share some ways that I have found helpful in forming a healthy lifestyle!

1. Add A Brisk Walk To Your Daily Routine 
This is one I've been trying to do with my Fiance and our pup. Walking everyday not only helps to get your heart in shape, control high blood pressure, strengthen your bones, and keep a healthier weight; It also is so beneficial for your spiritual and metal health. Being outside and closer to nature brings peace and allows you to get vitamin D, which is very important when battling depression. A nice walk, fresh air and time in prayer always helps me to calm my nerves. Get outside and get moving, even if its only for 10 minutes!

2. Drink More Water
This tip is vital for your body's health. I know that it's hard for me to remember to do, and the only time it really tastes good is when my body is in desperate need of hydration. With our bodies being made up of about 60% of water, drinking half the amount of your body weight is the suggested daily serving in order to maintain a balance of body fluids. There are so many benefits to drinking the appropriate amount of water too! It energizes your muscles, keeps skin looking good, helps with kidney and bowel functions, and as a bonus, it helps control caloric intake (Woo!). I have found that when I make a pitcher of infused water, I will actually drink it throughout the day, rather than drink sugary beverages. Bembu has a great variety of delicious recipes. (P.S. After the pitcher is empty, you can continue to add water for 2-3 days before having to start a new batch of infusion.) 

3. Eat More Whole Foods
No, I don't mean the store (hehe). I mean, shop the perimeter of the grocery store. More veggies, fruit, whole grains, and natural proteins are absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and local is best. Easier said than done, right? For this step I have to recommend taking it slow at first. Don't focus in on what you shouldn't be eating, but instead, add the good grub to your diet. This is one I'm struggling with, but I'm slowly making progress. It takes time, patience and self-control, but whatever you do, do not get too down on yourself. Remember, It's not about losing 
weight, it's about caring for your well-being.

4. Start Cooking With Organic Coconut Oil
I started using coconut oil as my go-to cooking oil about two years ago and I swear by it. I've never had an issue with it affecting the taste or texture of my food. It makes a wonderful substitute for butter and other oils that aren't very beneficial for your body. Coconut oil is known to help maintain a healthy blood pressure, positively affect the hormones for thyroid health and blood-sugar control, and it lowers cholesterol. There are many other uses and benefits in using coconut oil. Wellness Mama has more details here.

5. Try Morning Yoga 
Starting the day with a sequence of poses is a great way to wake up and get going with a positive attitude. I find it really helpful to tune out everything else, focus on breathing and stretch all the tension away. I love this Good Morning Yoga Sequence, but there are plenty of poses for all levels of experience. It's surprising how rejuvenated you'll feel after a week of daily yoga. Better yet, before the cold months come, go outside and do it! 

I'm so glad I could share these tips with you. I hope you found them to be helpful and motivational. I'd love to hear about the ways you maintain a healthy lifestyle, leave me a comment! 

Let us show our bodies love,

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

Lately I have seen a lot of articles and pins about minimalism and your wardrobe. The idea of only keeping a few chosen staple items that match well, and then adding one to two trending items per season sounded wonderful and a great way for me to lighten my load. So, I decided it would be fun to challenge myself to rid my closet of dead weight and try to begin living a life without so much stuff!

During the time we were moving it really sunk in, I have way more clothes than I need. I'm talking dozens of pieces that rarely ever see the light of day anymore.So, I got motivated, since Fall is just around the corner, I am gathering up the majority of my closet/drawers and heading straight to The Salvation Army. It won't take much to finish my minimalist wardrobe, but the real challenge is that I am going to thrift the rest of the staple pieces needed, limited to twenty pieces. I will also allow myself two trendy fashion purchases per season. 

I could've gone with the styles that some articles suggested, but I wanted to build my wardrobe with basic pieces that I know I have loved for a long time. It's important to be comfortable in what you wear, fashion is a way to express yourself, after all :) The collage above is just for example and reference purposes so that I can keep focused on my wardrobe goals! 

What do you think about having a minimal or capsule wardrobe? What would some of your staple choices be?