Sunday, June 15, 2014

Aspirations in Life

I have had a whole afternoon and evening to myself today. Not wanting to spend any cash, I decided to stay home. Usually at the chance of alone time I would turn up the music loud and dance around without a care, but today I decided to enjoy some peace and quiet. I spent a lot of time following every tangent my mind took me to and there is one in particular I was inspired to blog about, my aspirations in life.

Now, I may be getting married in just over two months, but my hopes in life don't stop there, or even at being a mom. Tim and I talk about all the dreams of adventure we have and it just gives me such a burst of wanderlust. I still have yet to even leave the country. We fantasize about selling everything and moving across the world. I want to see beautiful places and experience life in other cultures, getting to learn about people in a larger aspect than what I've grown up with. 

Along with the aspiration to travel, I would love to own my own business. I have been a barista for four years and I absolutely love it. When I started I had no idea it would become such a passion of mine. I love our regulars, it's so rewarding to satisfy newbie customers and see them return. I've told close friends about my desire to one day have my own cafe and I feel supported in that dream. I've been training on some of the ins and outs of running the shop I'm at now and I'm so grateful to have the knowledge to take and apply later, that's the goal at least. Only time, dedication, and faith will tell. 

I do look forward to being a mother. Every time I see a baby I practically squeal in sheer delight at how adorable and little they are. I anticipate the sweet moments I get to share with them as they grow up and I can't wait to see where their aspirations for life lead them.

What are your hopes in life? What do you strive towards daily? I would love to hear from you and respond!

Don't let Monday get you down!

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