Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Greetings, July!

It's the start of a new month! Did June fly by or what?! Last month was very eventful, I felt like I socialized with friends way more than I usually do, which was really great! Malina and her boyfriend came up for a weekend and we got to share a couple of meals and laughs. It was nice getting out. Sometimes I'm such a homebody, netflix sucks me in and I'm spending all day in my pajamas watching Parks and Recreation. (I will admit I did that for a good portion of today, hehe.) Last month I began making my decorations for the wedding with Brianna, had lots of fun doing it too. I also took my dress in to get altered, I'm really excited to get it back this month to see what it looks like at the appropriate length :) We got (most of) our invitations mailed out, I just need to get the addresses on a few! The stamps are so cute, they say "Yes, I do" and have a floral design. To top it all off I started this blog, it's nice to have a project I can own and commit to.

This month kicked off with a trip to the dentist about my wisdom teeth (ouch!), lots of watermelon, and the purchase of my very first course on Craftsy! I'm going to be taking a 14 video session class on up-cycling furniture. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm hoping to come out even more inspired to DIY and up-cycle. Tomorrow I go back to work to prepare for our busiest time of the year, 4th of July weekend. We are preparing for a line to the sidewalk and I am ready for the action! Tim and I are getting ready to move at the end of this month, We are so blessed by my grandparents, they are renting us their second home. A place where I can invest in gardening, paint the walls, and have the space to conduct many projects and even have a dark room! We will be further away from town and our jobs, but I think it's a good trade. My bridal shower is this month too! I almost forgot in all the chaos, haha! Having all the women I care most about in one room together is going to be so wonderful. It'll be nice having a time where we can all just relax and enjoy the preparation :)

July is shaping up to be one crazy month! With all of this, plus events with friends, I should be one busy bee. Bring on the excitement! What are some of your plans for the month, or highlights for June? Do you have anything you're really looking forward to?

Happy July,

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