Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Morning: A Coffee date and Some Gardening

This morning I actually didn't have to work. Tim has the day off and I don't go in until noon. We decided to take advantage of this rare time together this morning with a coffee date at our favorite spot, Wild Iris Coffee House. It is a little funny we always choose to get coffee together when we both work at cafes all day, but it's been our thing since the very beginning. 

Tim always gets plain old drip coffee with lots of sugar and sugar along with a croissant for breakfast, but I usually go for a fancy latte. I like using the top end of my spoon to draw designs in the foam. as we sit and enjoy our drinks, we talk about life. Tim is a constant joker, so we're usually laughing about silly little stories he shares and ideas he has. (If you ever plan on getting married, be sure you marry someone who makes you laugh.)

After we finished our last sips, we went to take care of his parents' yard since they are on vacation in Europe. (jealous!) We have had this responsibility since the beginning of June and continue through the first week of July. I have to say that I really enjoy it and I just recently learned that gardening is actually really good for you, mentally and physically. We move into a new home in August and already decided to really commit to gardening once we get settled in. Being people who have to daily cope with anxiety, I feel like it will help us tremendously.

It's time for me to head to work, but I just wanted to share my lovely morning. If you garden and have any tips for us for when we start ours, please let me know!


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