Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taking Stock v.2

I really love this picture I snapped of Penny yesterday. She's just so precious!

Remembering: Ever since hearing the awful news of Robin Williams death, I have been thinking back to my childhood and how much watching his movies was such a big part of it. It's so heart wrenching that a man who spent most of his life bringing smiles and laughter to others suffered with depression so much that it took his life.
Trying: This week is jam packed with wedding preparations and crafting, I'm really trying to get everything taken care of so I don't have to worry about it right before the big day. (Just 11 more days!)
Cooking: I've been working on some delicious Fall dishes, I can't wait to share them all on the blog in the coming months! Fall is my favorite :)
Drinking: This week I am really trying to stick mostly to tea and water. 
Reading: I recently began reading C*nt. Its a feminist book about taking back the word and the greatness of being a woman, it's starting out to be very good. I'm also always wanting suggestions though, what are a few of your favorite reads?
Wanting: A nice cup of hot cocoa would be nice. It's monsoon weather right now and I love listening to the rain with a warm drink.
Watching: Lately, I have been catching up on Girls, I absolutely love that show. I think I relate most to Hannah. Also Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks have been in my daily watching as well. 
Deciding: I have a hair appointment today and I'm deciding to change my color a bit! (Yay!)
Wishing: My daily wish is that Tim and I will be able to travel like we hope to.
Planning: Along with the final wedding prep, I am getting a relaxed itinerary ready for our honeymoon. I'm researching great things to see, food to eat and places to go around our destination!
Enjoying: I'm really happy with where we moved. Being a short way from town is so nice and relaxing, I'm enjoying it so much.
Loving: Every day I love my little family more and more. I wouldn't trade Tim, Penny, Beast or Belle for anything.
Wearing: I feel like I keep leaving the house in the shoes pictured above wayyy too often.
Noticing: This time in my life has really shown me how great the friends and family in my life are.
Thinking: I'm so excited thinking about what the future holds for Tim and I.


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