Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Ways To Kick-Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Hey everyone, I hope your Monday hasn't been too rough! We've spent the day around the house, cleaning and organizing, so it's really nice to sit down and do some blogging. Some of you might have seen my post this weekend, Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge, I was motivated to begin the challenge because I'm wanting to make some positive changes in my life. I feel like moving is a good time to develop new habits, so I'm here today to share some ways that I have found helpful in forming a healthy lifestyle!

1. Add A Brisk Walk To Your Daily Routine 
This is one I've been trying to do with my Fiance and our pup. Walking everyday not only helps to get your heart in shape, control high blood pressure, strengthen your bones, and keep a healthier weight; It also is so beneficial for your spiritual and metal health. Being outside and closer to nature brings peace and allows you to get vitamin D, which is very important when battling depression. A nice walk, fresh air and time in prayer always helps me to calm my nerves. Get outside and get moving, even if its only for 10 minutes!

2. Drink More Water
This tip is vital for your body's health. I know that it's hard for me to remember to do, and the only time it really tastes good is when my body is in desperate need of hydration. With our bodies being made up of about 60% of water, drinking half the amount of your body weight is the suggested daily serving in order to maintain a balance of body fluids. There are so many benefits to drinking the appropriate amount of water too! It energizes your muscles, keeps skin looking good, helps with kidney and bowel functions, and as a bonus, it helps control caloric intake (Woo!). I have found that when I make a pitcher of infused water, I will actually drink it throughout the day, rather than drink sugary beverages. Bembu has a great variety of delicious recipes. (P.S. After the pitcher is empty, you can continue to add water for 2-3 days before having to start a new batch of infusion.) 

3. Eat More Whole Foods
No, I don't mean the store (hehe). I mean, shop the perimeter of the grocery store. More veggies, fruit, whole grains, and natural proteins are absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and local is best. Easier said than done, right? For this step I have to recommend taking it slow at first. Don't focus in on what you shouldn't be eating, but instead, add the good grub to your diet. This is one I'm struggling with, but I'm slowly making progress. It takes time, patience and self-control, but whatever you do, do not get too down on yourself. Remember, It's not about losing 
weight, it's about caring for your well-being.

4. Start Cooking With Organic Coconut Oil
I started using coconut oil as my go-to cooking oil about two years ago and I swear by it. I've never had an issue with it affecting the taste or texture of my food. It makes a wonderful substitute for butter and other oils that aren't very beneficial for your body. Coconut oil is known to help maintain a healthy blood pressure, positively affect the hormones for thyroid health and blood-sugar control, and it lowers cholesterol. There are many other uses and benefits in using coconut oil. Wellness Mama has more details here.

5. Try Morning Yoga 
Starting the day with a sequence of poses is a great way to wake up and get going with a positive attitude. I find it really helpful to tune out everything else, focus on breathing and stretch all the tension away. I love this Good Morning Yoga Sequence, but there are plenty of poses for all levels of experience. It's surprising how rejuvenated you'll feel after a week of daily yoga. Better yet, before the cold months come, go outside and do it! 

I'm so glad I could share these tips with you. I hope you found them to be helpful and motivational. I'd love to hear about the ways you maintain a healthy lifestyle, leave me a comment! 

Let us show our bodies love,


  1. Awesome tips! Amazing post! =)
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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Jessica!

  2. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing the morning yoga sequence, I will be trying it out in the morning!


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