Sunday, August 31, 2014

Honeymoon In The Desert | Salvation Mountain

Good morning, all! I decided to waste no time in sharing the final bunch of photos from our trip. After seeing the Salton Sea, we drove to Salvation Mountain. What an amazing piece of art and an inspirational form of dedication. There's so much to see here, every nook and cranny is covered in detail. It's amazing that a man spent all of his time and effort in creating it.

Tim and I had such a good time exploring this magical mountain.. for the first half hour that is. We got in the car to leave, but Tim was feeling adventurous, so he decided to drive us up the backside of the mountain because it looked like a lot of others cars had done it in the past. No gravel, just dirt and sand. I got a little nervous and told him we should turn around. Welp, it was too late. Right where we turned around, there was a bunch of loose sand and next thing you know, we're stuck. No matter which way Tim turned the wheel and revved the engine, all that it did was kick up dirt and make us sink deeper. I'll admit, I was pretty embarrassed and got pretty ticked off at Tim, but looking back at it now... getting stuck on Salvation Mountain is a pretty funny thing to have happen, but the 120 degree heat and tow truck cost was no laughing matter.

We didn't get to explore Slab City because of the time it took for us to get off the mountain, but the drive back was really nice and once we got back we took a dip in the pool, had dinner at Joshua Tree Saloon with some live entertainment, and ended the night with a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.

Overall our honeymoon was a fun and memorable trip, and I'm so glad we got to go. I have a stack of instant photos from our trip that I'm going to do a project with too, I'll share about it later :)

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!


  1. GREAT PICS. Brings back memories of our trip! Yours will be even more memorable. ;) What a unique honeymoon site! You guys are COOL. <3

  2. Kasee! I'm loving these photos from your honeymoon (especially the last one of you here). They're so candid and joyful. Congrats on your marriage!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Haley! It's like we couldn't stop smiling, we were so overwhelmed with joy the whole time. I'm so excited to go on all the adventures with Tim! :)


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