Saturday, August 30, 2014

Honeymoon In The Desert | The Salton Sea

Yesterday I posted some photos from our trip and today I have more! These ones are from our trip to the Salton Sea, a smelly, hot, and fly invested mistake that happened so long ago. We honestly didn't stay long, the smell was overpowering, but it was really neat to see and check off the list! 

Tim and I ate at a little spot called Natural Sister's, seriously such a cute place and the food was excellent! Every table had a milk bottle filled with the biggest and most beautiful flowers, I couldn't get over the fact that they were real. 

We didn't realize how wide JT park really was until we drove all the way across for our day trip to the sea and Salvation Mountain. Visiting a beach basically made over fish bones was quite the site, Tim and I couldn't seem to escape the flies! So intrigued, we watched a little documentary featuring the Salton Sea yesterday. They even say the people that still live at Bombay Beach are convinced that nothing is wrong with the smelly body of water.  

I still have some more photos to share from the rest of this day trip to Salvation Mountain, along with a story that we'll never forget! Hope everyone's weekend has been fun :)


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  1. Yep--Salton Sea Is What It Is. When the wind was right (wrong, actually) I could smell it from my school's playground when I taught in Niland (10 miles away?) in '76 or so. Russ and I camped by the sea just a year or two ago--lots of bleached white fish skeletons, but not such a bad smell, for some reason. Funky place that I'm oddly fond of. :) Glad you got to experience it!


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