Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back To School 2014: Mod & Kitchy

Good morning, friends! I can't believe August is almost over, where did the month go?! I can't say I mind too much because it only brings us that much closer to my favorite season of all... Fall! The leaves crunching beneath my feet, enjoying a warm drink as the days get a little chillier, halloween, and pumpkin everything, Autumn is by far the time of year I always long for.

Along with all the other countless reasons why I love this time of year, I have to say I really enjoy picking out outfits and dressing up for the season. I am a vintage and kitch lover so when I noticed that the Mad Men mod look and the eccentric kitchy styles and patterns were starting to show up for Fall fashion I was thrilled! As I browsed through Modcloth last night, I spotted these adorable pieces and accessories that are too perfect to not share with you all. Call me crazy, but I cannot get enough of those gnome heels! And how back-to-school perfect are the knee-high socks and ruler bracelet?

What are some trends you're excited about this fall? Are you looking forward to summers end? I love hearing from you all, so feel free to drop me a comment below!


P.S. High five for the weekend almost being here, Sunday is going to be the biggest and best day ever, EEP! <3


  1. I like the skirt and black dress!) I can't say that I don't love the autumn, but the summer I love more))


    1. The Summer is definitely fun :) Thanks for stopping by, Svetlana!


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