Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday Faves! v.5 (on a Saturday)

Hey Everyone, I'm so sorry about the delay of Friday Faves. I had so much to do yesterday and just couldn't get it all completed in time. Last night I went to a fun BBQ hosted by my best friends, the weather was beautiful and everyone brought their pups! And I know I give a wedding countdown update almost every post, but 8 days, folks (HOLY MOLY!). Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some links I'm loving this week :)

First on today's picks, this darling Rocky Horror Picture Show 
print of Brad and Janet by the very talented Rosa De Los Reyes
She creates tons of great buttons, prints and other goodies. Check her out!

These shoes! I'm swooning over how adorable they are, definitely on my wishlist!

This video clip of JGL on The Ellen Show is gold, as if we didn't already love him enough!

 Being a wine lover myself, this cute and useful list of wines and fonts that 
compliment them is just perfect! P.s. they provide the link to download all the fonts too :)

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet had a wonderful review on an 
album I have greatly anticipated! She hit the nail right on head with this one.

What would this Friday Faves be without something Robin Williams related?
Jimmy Fallon did a great tribute to him on the Tonight Show and the end had me tear up a little.

I have been listening to this soundtrack on repeat
 ever since I saw the movie! I can't wait until the vinyl version is released. 
Here's a playlist of the soundtrack that will have you dancin' around your living room.

I loved this post at Oh Dear Drea. It's so useful, 
especially since I'm trying to keep more house plants in our home.

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of favorites and you're all having a great weekend!

Until next time,

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