Monday, September 08, 2014

Taking Stock v.3

The past couple of days it's been raining cats and dogs and all I want to do is snuggle up, binge watch on Netflix and drink all the coffee! It's really hard for me to get motivated lately. I gotta pull out of this funk. Anyways, here's another Taking Stock of all the nonsense I've been thinking and doing.

Making : Memories! Tim and I have been soaking up these last few days of summer, I love our adventures.

Cooking : I have been cooking breakfast almost everyday, lately. I'm really proud of myself about that, I can really see my confidence growing stronger in the kitchen.
Drinking : I've increased the amount of water I have daily and I'm down to one cup of coffee on a good day!
Reading: I've been on the hunt for new blogs to follow, and having been reading so many great ones.
Enjoying: Being a wife is such a joy, I love serving my husband so much. We still have moments when the excitement of it hits us all over again!
Liking: The Office! I have watched it probably 7 times through, but I can't get enough of it. Favorite show ever.
Wondering: My mind has been on the holidays, I'm really excited to experience our first year as a family and all the festivities that come with it.
Hoping: I recently found a babysitting job, and I really like the girls I watch. I'm hoping it's a good fit and I can be their permanent sitter. 
Needing: I really need to tackle things around the house and get all of our unwanted furniture sold.
Wearing: Leggings! I love a good pair, but recently I've been ditching the jeans and staying comfy all day.
Following: As I mentioned earlier, I've been blog hunting and have found some really wonderful ones to follow :)
Feeling: I've really been trying to feel more body positive and confident about myself, physically. I can be so hard on myself and it's not a good habit. 

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  1. I love The Office too its one of my favourite programs :)

    Bethan Likes


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