Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Curly Hair Care

Happy hump day! It's been a while since a Hairdo Appreciation post and I've really been trying to love my natural hair more, so I'm sharing some tips for curly hair care and my must have products to keep my locks strong, soft, and frizz free.

Tip #1: Avoid over-washing curly hair.
To really keep my hair from frizz and brittleness, I wash it 3 times a week, at most. This may seem gross, but the natural oils from your scalp are very good for your locks and by not washing your hair daily, your scalp will produce the correct amount of oil, keeping your hair from appearing greasy.

Tip #2: Give yourself a scalp massage, daily.
This is a very good habit to form, but be sure you do not use your nails, this only causes damage to the roots. Use the pads of your fingertip and stimulate the follicles for a couple minutes a day. This promotes volume, growth and lets face it, feels amazing.

Tip #3: Ditch the hair ties with metal.
Before the introduction of the cute and stylish ribbon hair tie, I put my hair through hell. Every time I would take my hair down from a ponytail, there was a knot attached to the tie. The amount of breakage happening to my curls was horrible. I felt like I could never actually grow my hair out. Making the switch to harm-free hair ties was so beneficial, especially because of how much I love wearing buns and ponies. They may cost a little more, but your hair will be much healthier.

Tip #4: Mask your hair with coconut oil.
I do this once a month for an hour, and it makes my hair so soft and much more break resistant. I also notice less frizz, in general. Melt 2-5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Starting at the ends of your hair, work your way to the roots with a comb. Wrap with selifan once you have covered each section and let it sit for 60 minutes. Afterwards, wash with shampoo twice to be sure there isn't left over oil.

Below I've shared some of my other favorite products, as well as the ones mentioned in the tips:
Curly Hair Survival Kit

Shea Moisture is a wonderful brand that is cruelty and sulfate-free. The Curl Enhancing Smoothie is my go-to styling product. I also recommend argon oil after washes, this gives your curls a nice shine and really helps combat against frizz! Last, but not least, a wide tooth comb; this is the best brushing tool for get the tangles out but leave the curls intact.

Embracing my natural hair isn't always easy, but I'm learning to love it!

What type of hair do you have? How do you keep yours healthy? 


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  1. Great tips! I have naturally curly hair too, but I'm constantly blow-drying it out. So I definitely avoid washing it every single day, so it can retain the natural oils! xo


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