Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites! v.8

I love quiet weekends and I'm really happy its Friday, I started the day with a good cup of coffee and sending my resume to offices that need a receptionist. Fingers crossed I get an interview, because Lord knows I'm needing a job ASAP. On the agenda for the rest of the week is lots of homebody time and spending an afternoon with Tim's parents, playing board games. But first, here are some of my favorites this week!

This sticker speaks so much truth! 
I am in love with Midge Belickis' Etsy shop, definitely worth checking out.

Rebecca posted some really awesome 
photo tips on shooting indoors on her blog this week!

Craftaholics Anonymous shared 
an adorable vintage Halloween banner printable, and it's FREE!

There's a wonderful From Our Readers article on HelloGiggles
about writer's block and how to cure it!

I am in love with these new Bamboo flats at Modcloth!

In this Buzzfeed video, women are speaking out about online harassment towards women 
and sharing some of the outrageous comments they have received from men! 
(NSFW, vulgar language)

Okay, this book from Modcloth is too cute 
and such a great gift idea for a friend you really love!

Cam posted a wonderful DIY pumpkin body scrub on her blog 
and I can't wait to make some of my own!

And last, I have another cute find made by Midge, a Black Lodge Twin Peaks brooch set!
Seriously, what a talented lady and her blog is just as wonderful!


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I'm always excited to see the new arrivals at Modcloth :) Thanks so much for stopping by, Bridget!

  2. I love the name of your blog! I've always wanted to live somewhere mountainous, so I'm a little jealous. :) Anyway, great post, I'm following you now and look forward to reading more!

    x Sneha | |

  3. You probably love coffee as much as I love chai! Loving your posts by the way <3

    Vanshi |

    1. I do love a good cup of chai, though! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment, Vanshi!


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