Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn Sightings On An Afternoon Walk

Today, my hubby and I decided a walk near the lake would be nice before grocery shopping and I really wanted to get out and soak up the last remnants of summer heat. I brought the camera along to capture some snapshots to share and we saw some very cool specimens, as well as some of the first glimpses of fall :)

 Isn't he cool? Luckily, Tim spotted him or I wouldn't have even noticed. He's a Whitelined Sphinx caterpillar and I just love his horn and colors. 

We stopped over at Tim's parents' house too, and there were all kinds of cicada shells and I just happened to find this little one. Tim really didn't want me to bring him home, but I just couldn't resist! I'm mesmerized by the veins in his wings.

Other than being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we had a really nice time and wrapping up the night with curry and Captain America. I hope everyone's week has been lovely!



  1. VERY NICE, cicada wings & all. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. You are very brave to hold that cicada though haha!

  3. Oh dear. I just saw your blog for the first time and I am so excited to follow you around now. Your design its just awesome! would feel honored if you stop by at my blog :)
    Be blessed

  4. That's a pretty nice dragonfly photo!


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