Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 Timeless Vintage Hairstyles!

My first 'Hair-do Appreciation' post I shared about pigtail buns. Today I want to talk about some iconic ladies from the past and their hairstyles that are still so popular! I know each one has inspired me in my personal style :)

1. Fringe Bangs // Anna Karina
The face of French New Wave and the Actress I am most inspired by. Her fashion sense, classic long bob with fringe bang, and cat-eye is such a killer combo! Every time I see this style I'm always reminded of Anna Karina.

2. The Pixie // Mia Farrow
Okay, so I'll admit I had no idea about her influence on this hairstyle until I watched America's Next Top Model when Tyra would have the girls' hair cut to look like hers in Rosemary's Baby. It was not too long ago that I was so inspired by her look, I went ahead and cut my hair off and later bleached it blonde, haha. I'm not sure a pixie is going to happen for me again, but this cut is so low maintenance and fun!

3. Wavy Volume With a Big Headband // Brigitte Bardot
Another former French actress, Brigitte rocked the volume no matter up-do or down. She was known as the most liberated woman of post-war France in the 60's and later became an established animal rights activist. (Go girl!)

  4. Blunt Bangs // Bettie Page
She is so famous for this hairstyle, you can walk into any salon and say you want her bangs and practically every hairstylist will know what you're talking about. Bettie Page made this look as big as it is today! This is a bang cut I return to again and again when I need a change, and the black color to match is always perfect.

5. The Middle Part // Brooke Shields
Last but certainly not least, this style has been become one of the latest trends, but it was Brooke's signature hairstyle during her teen years. I wasn't bold enough to try out this 'do until this past spring!

What are your favorite hairstyles? Are you courageous enough to try something out of the norm? I'd love hear from you :)


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