Monday, July 21, 2014

Busy Bee

I feel so guilty for not writing since early this month, but man-o-man have I been busy! So, here's a little update.. 

Yesterday was my best friend's baby shower, I can't believe the wedding is just shy of a month away and then few weeks later she will be having little Ezekiel! So many exciting things right around the corner, I think we're gonna have to double check that her dress still fits, haha!  

I have so much decoration making and preparations to do that I'm almost happy I got let go when I put in my notice at my job (yep, that happened). Wedding prep isn't the only thing that has me busy though, I'm also working on the launch of my very first business and getting all of our belongings packed up for the move to the boonies. I almost feel a little in over my head right now, but it's all so exhilarating! I've never been more ready for these big steps forward and being so blessed with support from friends and family helps oh-so-much.

I'm not quite ready to announce my business yet, I still have some details to iron out, but it is so much fun! Keep an eye out, I will keep you guys updated!


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